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Yealink T4xS Serie

Yealink T4xS Serie
Yealink T4xS Serie

Enrich Collaboration, Improve Productivity

Yealink’s T4S series is the upgraded IP phone line of Yealink’s former T4 series. Designed for today’s busy execu-tives and managers, the T4S series features an elegant appearance, Optima high-definition audio quality and a remarkable  phone  experience.  Integrating  cutting-edge  features  like  Wi-Fi  and  Bluetooth  connectivity,  the  T4S  series  enriches  business  users’  daily  collaboration.  It  also  protects  business  users’  investment  with  its  effortless  deployment and broad interoperability with UC platforms and IP PBX systems.

Optima HD Audio

With Yealink’s Optima HD audio technologies, industry-leading acoustic clarity and newly-added support for Opus* to its broad audio codec list, the Yealink T4S guarantees a lifelike collaboration experience.

* By supporting Opus, Yealink T4S series delivers better audio quality in both high-bandwidth and poor network conditions, comparing to other wideband or narrowband codecs.

Remarkable User Experience

The  Yealink  T4S  series  delivers  excellent  stability  and  performance  with  its  latest  advanced  components.  The  phones  feature  an  optimized  interface  for  a  smartphone-like  user  experience.  Its  rich  one-touch  soft  keys  allow  for  customization,  bringing  additional  convenience and increasing productivity.

Effortless Configuration and Upgrade

The Yealink T4S supports efficient provision and effortless mass deployment with Yealink’s free Redirection and Provisioning Service (RPS). Furthermore, the T4S features a unified firmware and an auto-p template that apply to all phone models (T41S, T42S, T46S and T48S), saving even more time and IT costs for businesses.