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Mitel RFP 43 WLAN DECT Basisstation

Mitel RFP 43 WLAN DECT Basisstation

DECToverSIP and WLAN in one RFP
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RFP 43 WLAN connects two mobility standards: DECT,
which enables the use of mobile system phones, and an
integrated WLAN Access Point, which provides flexible
access of PCs or other workstations to the companies

The WLAN Access Point allows the installation of WLAN
hot-spots, e.g. in conference rooms. They can be part of the
powerful, company-wide DECT network, established with RFP
32 and 34.

Highlights of the RFP 43 WLAN

RFP 43 WLAN off ers - due to integrated IEEE 802.11n compatible
WLAN Access Point - signifi cant advantages compared to
a separat infrastructure for DECT and WLAN:

  • Only one access point for both technologies (DECT and WLAN)
  • Only one switch-port is required (PoE recommended)
  • Integrated, centralized management and set up for DECT and WLAN
  • Net View Management:
  • RFP 43 WLAN Access Points can be grouped in clusters
  • The WLAN-properties within one cluster can be managed for all access points simultaneously
  • It is not required to administer the access points individually

Additionally RFP 43 permits

  • easy installation due to preinstalled software
  • simultaneous use as OpenMobilityManager (OMM) in the network

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