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Scanvest AIP49002 TA-2 Turbine-Kompakt UP-Kasten tief T=90mm


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Turbine with scroll buttons

  • Black plexiglass front plate
  • Protection classes: IP66, IK08
  • CCoIP standard
  • 2 scroll buttons
  • Scrollable name tag display
  • Illuminated call button
  • Hang up button
  • Ideal for access to buildings


  • Dimensions: width 120 x height 180 x depth 70 mm
  • Extremely robust construction, 3mm die-cast aluminum
  • Temperature range: -25° to +65° celsius
  • HD voice, Highest audio sound quality through "turbine" sound guidance
  • Class D power amplifier, 10 watt
  • Open-duplex up to 95dB speaker level
  • Automatic speaker volume control
  • Automatic microphone sensitivity for speaker distance up to 7m
  • Highest alarm sound volume of 105 dB
  • Background noise analysis and suppression
  • Can be used from software version AMC11.2.3.7
  • Scream Alarm (Sound Level Detection)
  • Relay output, e.g. for door opener control
  • Interface: Ethernet, RJ-45
  • Power supply via PoE according to IEEE802.3af or external power supply 24V DC (16 to 48V)
  • Power consumption: max. 13 watt
  • Delivery including front plate seal. Torx screws supplied with the AP housing and the wall frame
  • Dimensions with surface-mounted housing: width 180 x height 120 x depth 82 mm
  • Dimensions with flush-mounted box: width 180 x height 120 x depth 18 mm + 37 mm
  • Basic version for console installation
  • Weight: 1kg

TURBINE sets standards: This new generation of intercom devices combines modern design with extremely robust processing and first-class audio sound.

In safety-critical areas, our device can of course fully exploit its strengths.

Art.No.: VOSTENTAIP49002

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