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Akuvox TFE R29C IP Video Türsprechanlage Android

Akuvox TFE R29C IP Video Türsprechanlage Android

Einganskontrolle mit Kamera und Display
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  • Enables audio and visual monitoring of doors/gates which increases security on residential or commercial premises
  • Uses the latest H.264 video and G.722 audio codec to provide you with the highest quality video image and audio clarity
  • Dual camera for anti-counterfeit, completely solve all kinds of photos and video deception on various carriers
  • Allows both audio and video communication to an IP phone, mobile client, or softphone
  • Enables the ability to remotely control the door/gate
  • Presents information and user navigation options unique to your business
  • Speeds response time to visitors, delivery and service personnel that require access

Akuvox R29C
The R29C seamlessly integrates with Akuvox products, and its camera is ideal for working with Akuvox VP-R4X & IT8X series. The real time video is streamed to the 7” TFT LCD of VP-R4X & IT8X and can be viewed at any time. There is no need for any 3rd party software or IP PBX support to view the video stream.

Art.No.: VOAKUR29C

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